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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now abc2 news at 11:00 i said no that's my doctor. >> hear from the first foreign file a lawsuit against jonesst johns hopkins after allegations that a glynn kolgs secretly recorded patients. >> and we're a-tracking weather in maryland tonight. >> and an awful lot of worry, the high-tech ways you can keep track of your child. >> say it isn't so, berger cook kees, is it done? . >> we begin tonight with what's happening outside your window. for some it's rain, for others, sleet or snow. wyatt is here with the latest. hopefully thisisn't going to last all night. >> wintery showers. we havesleet and rain. in elders berg there's a
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parking lot that is a sheet of ice. let show you first what's on the radar. theshowers generally south and east in the state right now. a lotof the rain showers from the chesapeake bay westward and north in the state where we have temperatures in the freezing state and we have a weather a-advisory. harford county,baltimore county and anne arundal county now in the freezing concern zone. look atthe temperature line, we draw the freeze to nonfreezing line from cecil to baltimore county. as we get more showers in here o'over night some of those will be freezing on contact. . >> new information tonight, the first lawsuit has been filed against johns hopkins after allegations that one of
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the hospitals glynn kolgss secretly recorded patients. cherylconner joins sglus and approximate rosie, ms. bell is seeking at least 5,$000. shedoesn't know that she was directly affected but her attorney says she's emotionally damaged. ms. bell is the first patient of dr. nikita levy who worked for the hospital. bellsaw him for six years. >> i can't remember one occasion we were talking about an issue, per se, health issue that i was having and brought up to my doctor, and he was almost extremely interested. >> bell said it's hindsight now but she remembers feeling
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uncomfortable. >> i yelled in the break room at lunchtime. i said no, that's my doctor. >> in the lawsuit, bell claims serious painful and permanent injuries from dr. levy's actions and that johns hopkins intentionally and fraudulently withheld information. >> there's clearly damages in this case. they've been hurt and abused. >> another baltimore law firm has taken more than one hundred calls from former patientings. attorney steve kelly says he's waiting on more information before he files lawsuits. instead he submitted requests to the hospital. >> the number one thing we hear from these women is that they're concerned that their intimate photographs have been broadcast. >> police are investigating whether the photographs have been shared. as for bell, she doesn't know
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if dr. levy took her picture, regardless, she claims there's damage and is asking for 500- 0000. >> now, i have to find a new gyn and the thought of him possibly recording me is evened in my mind. >> we have asked police if dr. levy had another person in the room. they couldn't answer. the patients speaking to attorneys say he did not. thecock ran firm is hosting a community forrum tomorrow at 2:00 at the hilton in downtown baltimore. >> a breaking news update, another change at the top in the city police department after a trainee was shot during an exercise. late this evening, joseph smith who was just named director of education and training is leaving for another job. a replacement has been named.
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>> my goal is first off, safety is top priority and my goal is to make sure that the academy is the safest environment for our officers and really bringing it to the national forefront to be an elite and premary academy. >> meantime the trainee who was shot has been released from the hospital. he was shot in the forehead last week. in theofficer running the drill, police say broke protocol by having his live firearm on his hip. >> new tonight, all clear in edge mere where police were searching for two pit bulldogs. the dogs ran away after one of them attacked their owner. aphone call went out warning neighbors about those dogs. both were found, one had to be shot and killed.
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>> and a man who authorities say beat another man to death in a store has pleaded guilty to charges. 43 year old troy kelly pleaded guilty to second degree murder. prosecutors saysurveillance video shows the two having words outside of the store before kelly followed pete eerson to the store and beat him. >> tomorrow, you may want to turn down that thermostat a little or make sure the kids turn the lights off. bge willstart charging you more. theelectric company says customers can expect each bill to go up a little more than 8 dollars. gascustomers should expect a little more than a 3 dollar hike. >> a baltimore icon has gone missing. berger cookies are disappearing from store shelves.
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abc2 news christian schaefer is on the case tonight. >> berger cookies are intensely baltimore. every single cookie made at a small factory in cherry hill. you could find them in stores in the area until this week. >> something's missing from the quick mart in dundalk. what'susually here is what tom has been looking for, berger's cookies. >> i get them here, i get them everywhere. i usually come here because i live on the next street. >> we shot this video of the plant back in 2011 after production was getting back up to speed. the owner told us the secret of why they've been so popular for so long. >> they're made with love. >> a whole lot of love. >> the little cookie factory turns out 25 hundred pounds of cookies every day. one of the places they wind up,
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this market. >> as long as i can remember we've been selling them. >> each location sells several hundred packages a weak but this week, the shipment never arrived. >> people have been inquiring, it's been a hot topic. >> today the cookie factory was all quiet, no people and no cookies. all you can do is wait for the next shipment. >> i'm optimistic. it's agreat selling item for us. . >> even modern family star julie bow en made her concerns known. >> if they're gone, bring them back. >> here's what happened, the plant got a violation on january 31st for operating without a license. they've been aaproed for a new license but no one has gone to the pick it up and pay the 5 hundred dollar fine that goes
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with it. the companywebsite claims a family illness is behind the delay. >> that's good to hear. wewant to know what you think with berger cookies currently off store shelves. what's the next best local cookie. join theconversation on facebook. >> leadership, dedication and philanthropy. those werehonored at the cal rip kin dinner. under armour was honor honored. >> what a wonderful community company. really focussing their efforts back here in baltimore and we want to bring that sort of spirit and energy to light. >> activation is very important to us. we're not the kind of company to just write the check. our people want to see it, feel
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it and touch it. >> tonight's event was a fundraiserment cal ripkin says he expects to raise a couple of thousand dollars for the foundation. >> abc2 news is working for you. keeping tabs on your children and your pets. johnmatarese shows us tracking tools at every price point if you have a young child, one of your worst fears is losing your child in a krould. if youhave a pet, you worry about them running off. but there's now an app for that to keep track of your loved ones meet this beagle shepherd mix who won't listen to anyone. >> meagan abrams, a busy woman with a year old toddler didn't know what to do. the dog was always finding ways to get out of the yard. >> he can either dig holes or he can lift it up.
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>> then she brought a device called the tag pedestrian finder. >> it shows him in your backyard. >> yep. >> her iphone now alerts her to her dog's whereabouts. it'ssold for about a hundred dollars. you clip this to your dogs or cats collar. >> you can zoom in and know they're on the corner of green and main. >> at&t offers a gar minute pet tracker for two hundred dollars. it's all part of a growing trend. >> having your child wear an amber alert gps device, snap it to a belt or put it in a bag or backpack. >> worried about a child, consider the amber alert gps. amber alert costs 200 dollars and has a $20 monthly fee. orconsider the safety cap.
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>> that would save hassle. >> adrian baby sits a two year old so she was thrilled to try the safety at that time. . >> if she can't explain where or who she belongs with or her phone number or address, this would help. >> sure, this would help if a good person finds your child. but for the best protection, there's nothing like gps. itook gambit down the street and within minutes, meagan got a text alert providing some security. >> sure a gps tracking unit may sound a bit inhumane but we track our ipads and smartphones this way. why not something you love, that way you have a better chance of a ree yuan reunion. >> coming up in one minute, why the pentagon has grounded
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some premary jet fighters. . >> plus. >> all right rosie we're out here live where the showers are coming down. look at the glazed ice on one of the cars in the abc2 news parking lot. you cansee what we're dealing with and a quick shot of these showers as they come down. . >> you need to clean off my car. and combining history class and a math lesson stirs up troubl . also, enough racy texts, which government agency is warning employees about using their cell phones for hanky pangy.
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. >> brand new at 11:00, the military has ground the entire fleet of f-33 fighters after discovering a flaw. a crack in the engine blade was discovered during a routine
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inspection. ifnavy and air force jets were also grounded. about fourhundred billion dollars worth of mraens are grounded until the investigation is complete. >> the fbi is cracking down on sexting. don't worry, they're only going after their own employees. the agency'sassistant director says employees have used government issued devices to send racy texts and pictures. so a report went out reminding them that their phones are for official use only. >> sensitivity training is scheduled for one new york city elementary school because of a slavery themed homework problem. a teacher told the students to write word problems based on what they were learning in social studies. here's anexample of one question, one slave got whipped five times a day. how many times did get whipped in a month. >> i think it shows a lack of
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forethought more than negative intent. >> this teacher is only trying to encourage her students to think, makes her a wonderful teacher. >> the work sheet went home with one set of students in january. recently a teacher's aide was asked o' to copy it for another group. >> for most students, their after school routine involves homework. there is some debate whether homework is really a good idea for kids. is it an unnecessary evil. this is a story you'll only see here on abc2 news. >> after sitting in class all day, the last thing this 7th grader wants to do is open up a book, but all of his hard work powered him through science
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struggles. >> we had science homework and i could just ask the teacher. >> why do kids need to work a second chift when they get home. >> this is the author of 12 books on education including the homework myth. he travels the country doing lectures about whether homework is necessary. he says six hours of studying at school is enough. . >> when you think about it, that parents have been away from their kids all day, sometimes the first thing out of their mouth is so do you have any homework, how sad is that. >> they don't think it's sad here at murry hill elementary. they're making homework help. this is a homework club. thisis one of the larges afterschool projects in the state. >> it's cool to have your
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teachers help you because they know what your homework is and they can help you if you don't understand. >> you need to know that they have a good foundation of learning and what the skill set is for do i need to study extra here. do i need more notes for my classes. so i do think homework gives them a foundation for when they move on further in school. >> the state department of education has no state standards on homework. it's up to each school system to set their own. >> at the ebd end of the school day, students report to classrooms with teachers. theycomplete homework in those classes. 280 students, almost 40% of the student body participate in the homework club. >> we believe that part of the reason that we have done better
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than other schools is the homework. if students don't acquire skills during class, they will get that done doing homework. >> i've always been principal of schools that needed some lechl of improvement and i some level of improvement and i can attach the level of homework to that improvement. >> for these kids, they'll continue spending their afternoons tackling homework in the classroom. >> in montgomery, an elementary school eliminated homework. instead students read a book for 30 minutes a night. >> to get the latest on maryland school, follow us on twitter. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast..
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>> all right, light mist coming down tonight. the radar can't see all of it. we were looking out back at the studios a minute ago. we'll look at the camera in bel airment in some areas, what looks like a wet road could become an icy road. we're belowfreezing in eldersburg, we're at freezing in rock hall. temperatures are right on the margin. let's take you to the most powerful radar and show you where the rain showers r. there's not a lot out there but a few up through northeastern maryland. now we have a light band of precipitation from washington reaching across central anne arundal county. for light but nonetheless it doesn't take much when you're talking about freezing drizzle
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or mist, it can freeze things up quickly. if you look further down in the southeastern u.s. coast, more moisture is feeding up the coastline so more rain possible during the early part of the dwa tomorrow and some of this could be freezing rain through daybreak. what happensto freezing rain is it pushes down -- the milder air helps push that down to the surface. overnight tonight and even if you have an early 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. trip, this could be dicy for you. winter weatheradvisories have been extended north now. all of our counties with that advisory. freezingwedge of air has sunk southeast into the sate. we're one below freezing at bwi. across theeastern shore we're one or two above freezing.
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it's beenbitter cold the last few days so ground temps have been hovering around freezing. this is the leading edge of a more significant round of showers that could come in the morning. it may start off as more of an icy situation but it will change over to rain as we push toward midday tomorrow and then we're clearing out into the day sunday. so improving weather over the weekend. tonight downto 31, more rain and ice potentially in those areas below freezing. ice terrain in the morning. we all go to rain situation quickly as the temperatures go up to 40s. thentomorrow night, down to 31. itset it is stage for a decent sunday. it's not all bad this weekend but the possibility of an icy start first thing tomorrow and certainly in the overnight
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hours. milder by next week. >> thanks wyatt. more on abc2 news coming up but first lauren cook has a look at traffic trouble spots. >> bridge work will intensify next week on 83. beginningmonday one lane will be closed in both directions from 9:30 until 3:00. the single lane closures will continue through friday. for the latest traffic alerts 24/7, go to or follow me on facebook and twitter. i'll be tracking your commute monday on good morning maryland.
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. >> believe it, a 17 year old is shown dangling from a chair lift before dropping 45 feet into the snow. apparently he was trying to snow a throw ball in a chair lift ahead of him. that's whythey say don't mess around on the chair lift. he wasairlifted to the hospital but 's home and okay. >> wow. he's lucky. >> no kidding. >> reminds me of the snow that we haven't had much this winter but we have had ice. there itis for you now. light freezingdrizzle and rain. drive withcaution in the morning but then we change to rain. >> we'll be right back.
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. >> blister ri night but it will be better sunday. that's allfor us now. you can get the latest on we'llsee you. >> have a good weekend.
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